When visiting the northern suburbs of Cape Town – whether it’s for business or pleasure – you can be easily overwhelmed by the giant selection of guesthouses available. A guesthouse in Bellville, Durbanville or Brackenfell will be ideally located from Cape Town city centre as well as a vast variety of beaches and other attractions.

guesthouse bellvilleA guesthouse in Bellville, for instance, is close to a large selection of shopping destinations. A guesthouse in Brackenfell is close to highways, making it easy to visit nearby attractions. A guesthouse in Durbanville is ideally located close to wine farms and the beach. Whether you choose a guest house in Durbanville, a guesthouse in Bellville or a guesthouse in Brackenfell, you can rest assured that your location could not be better. Guesthouses in Durbanville, Bellville and Brackenfell are all within a 20 minute drive from world class beaches and the ever-popular Cape Town city centre. Other attractions located within an hour’s leisurely drive are Stellenbosch, Franschoek and Camps Bay.

Although a guesthouse in Bellville, Brackenfell and Durbanville all offer you the convenience of location, some are better than others. When choosing a guesthouse, there are certain things to look out for. These things depend greatly on the purpose of your stay. Oftentimes, visitors to guesthouses in Durbanville, Brackenfell and Bellville are in town for business. Since these guesthouses aren’t directly located in the tourist hotspots, they are oftentimes more tranquil and peaceful. If, however, you wish to visit the tourist destinations a short drive by car or bus is all it takes. The Northern suburbs, of which Brackenfell, Bellville and Durbanville make part of, is also home to countless quality restaurants and other attractions such as wine farms and parks.

guesthouse in bellville Guesthouse in Bellville: How to choose the right one

When choosing a guesthouse in Bellville, Durbanville or Brackenfell, pay attention to its vicinity to major roads and other attractions. The N1 is the main road that leads the suburbs into Cape Town centre. Durbanville, Bellville and Brackenfell all have main roads feeding onto the N1, ensuring a simple commute. If, however, the reason for your stay is relaxation, you might want to refrain from living in a guesthouse located right on a busy road. Most areas in Durbanville, Bellville and Brackenfell are simple to navigate and you should be able to access the highways with relative ease. If however, the thought of having to struggle through unfamiliar roads and traffic is too much to handle, enquire about car hire services. Many guesthouses will offer you this service or will arrange it for you. As far as your stay at a guesthouse goes, there are certain things that are simply non-negotiable.

Checking into a guesthouse in Bellville? : Be sure of the essentials

A guesthouse must have comfortable sleeping arrangements. Whether this consists of a large double bed or two single beds depends on your specific requirements. A guesthouse should, ideally, also have a large shower/bath. These things might seem trivial at first. After a few days, however, that tiny shower and springy bed will grow into a major headache. Most guesthouses in Durbanville, Brackenfell or Bellville will offer you a garden area with a pool and braai. On those silent summer nights, this will definitely be a huge plus. If your stay in Durbanville, Bellville or Brackenfell is for business, internet will be of the utmost importance. Enquire beforehand what the internet setup at your guesthouse will be – whether it consists of buying a voucher or merely logging in. In staying with the theme of business trips, make sure the guesthouse you stay in offers you ample working space – such as a desk and chair. These small things are what can elevate your business trip into an ultra-productive one.

guesthouse bellvilleMany guesthouses in Durbanville, Bellville or Brackenfell will also offer you an on-site dining solution. In nearly all cases, this includes a breakfast while some also offer you dinner. These dining solutions at your guesthouse will allow you more time to relax – or, if need be, get back to work. Safety is essential when choosing a guesthouse. Durbanville, Bellville and Brackenfell are generally safe areas to live in and should not pose a threat to your safety. As a precaution, however, ensure the guesthouse of your choice has secure parking. The little things are what make you feel at home. No matter where you are travelling from, the northern suburbs and its guesthouses offer you that magic touch. From coffee in your room to laundry facilities and everything in-between, you are bound to find just what you’re looking for – whether it be in a guesthouse in Durbanville, a guesthouse in Bellville or a guesthouse in Brackenfell.